Tips for Pro Users

  1. Everything adds weight, so be frugal with materials. Total weight of materials mounted on blimp should always be monitored. This can be done by measuring with Playdoh or clay to see how much weight blimp can lift. Make sure electronics and circuit do not exceed this weight.
  2. If LiPo battery 900mAh is unavailable, replacement battery should be ~18.5g (0.65oz) or less.
  3. Helium runs out of Mylar slowly, Ollie will fly for at least 1.5-2 days before it needs refilling.
  4. Check entire circuit on breadboard or Arduino Uno before wiring or soldering to the Arduino Pro Mini.
  5. Be very, very careful while soldering to Arduino Pro Mini, the chip can get burned easily.
  6. Test servos and make sure wings are oriented correctly and moving in mirrored direction.
  7. Make adjustments to the code as is fitting to your environment.
  8. Submit your experiments, tweaks, hacks and suggestions to me. Ollie loves his cousins very much.



  1. Terry

    Any chance of buying one already made?

  2. ollie

    Please PM me at and we can work something out.

  3. karina dubuc

    Hi, I think Ollie is an amazing criature/robot or what else… could you try to make a version with eyes, perhaps a real fish form baloon? I think that it’s a great ideia, but I’m so sorry that I don’t understand nothing about electronics to do one of it by myself ;(…
    I hope your invention be successfull (sorry about english…)
    Best wishes…

  4. Bob

    This baby will sell, it’s soooo much better than a pet rock, has a lot more amusement factor than say ZhuZhus. Get it to stores!

    If that little processor can support the code add a very tiny speaker to chatter and squeak would be awesome.

  5. DIEGO

    Hello there!

    The robot is absolutely amazing, great pet to people who can’t have live ones at home. I thought it fantastic, especially because it’s an open source robot. Although mates, I have to follow Terry’s question: “Any chance of buying one already made?”
    I love technology, but I’m not keen on programming and developing nice gadgets like Ollie, so I’d rather buy one already made or even “pre-made”. I believe you’ve created a great product which you can get nice profits. So think better about selling Ollies through the internet. if you do that, for sure I’ll be a customer, or even a reseller… If you decide it, please contact me.

    Best regards!

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